Stoughton Baseball is where youths from kindergarden to 12th grade can join a team and play summer baseball.

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  1. High School Baseball rules for runners leading off of bases.
  2. Continuous batting order of players.  Every player present will be placed in the batting order.
  3. All players must play at least one inning in the field.
  4. A pitcher may pitch no more than seven innings in one week.  (Sunday to Sunday)
  5. All games are scheduled to start at 6:00 P.M.  All games will be six innings.
  6. Pitching distance 54 feet.  Bases 80 feet.
  7. 10 run rule after 5 innings.
  8. Only turf shoes, soccer shoes, tennis shoes will be allowed.  NO steal spikes.
  9. -up rule.  Pitchers will only take 3 warm-up pitches between innings.  Pitcher in the middle of an inning can take 8 pitches.
  10. Catcher will have a courtesy runner with 2 outs.
  11. A pitcher may reenter once during the game. –Not recommended, but allowed
  12. Balk rule--umpires please discuss with the pitcher.  If he continues to balk without trying to correct the delivery a balk may be called.
  13. It is a preference that pitchers not throw curve balls.  There is a concern about the stress placed on the arm by throwing curves at this age.
  14. Bat size.  Guidelines implemented for this year are as follows:
    1. Bats 2 5/8 diameter with a -10 drop. Official Pony rules say all 2 5/8 bats are legal.
    2. Or a Wood Bat
  15. Base runners must slide if a play is being made on the runner.
  16. Games have a 2-hour time limit.